10 Amazing IOS 11 Hidden Features for iPhone Most of them Don’t Know

Apple has finally turned it up to 11. Apple showcased iOS 11 to the word at their WWDC 2017 Keynote. While it won’t be available to customers till Fall 2017, we do have a lot of information about whats in the iOS 11 update. Plus, developer betas are now available and we’ll be digging through them. It’s clear that iPad is the biggest focal point of iOS 11 but that doesn’t mean there aren’t useful and meaningful updates for iPhone users. In fact, updates to features are plentiful. Here are the 10 best.

1. Redesigned Control Center

After years of putting this up on our wishlist, Apple has finally given us the redesigned Control Center. And based on the first look, it seems a bit weird but we’ll know more once we have the hands-on with iOS 11 beta.

Control Center is now free-form and doesn’t have pages anymore. But instead, has tiles you can interact with. 3D Touch on a tile to expand it full screen, like you do in folders in Home screen. 3D Touching the toggles card, for example, shows options for Cellular Data and Personal Hotspot toggles as well.

This gives you better access to controls and detailed information. The toggles tile is editable and you’ll be able to add toggles for Low Power Mode, Alarms, Notes and more by going to Settings -> Control Center.

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