10 Amazing IOS 11 Hidden Features for iPhone Most of them Don’t Know

5. Siri Intelligence And More SiriKit Apps

Siri is a lot smarter in iOS 11. It’s also better looking and better sounding. There’s a new visual UI update and a new voice update to make the the assistant sound more natural. There’s a new male voice as well. Siri is also coming with Translation support in beta (for Chinese, French, German, and Italian, and Spanish).

Siri can also proactively do things for you. It can look at what you’re doing in Safari and suggest other related things to do. For example, adding a calendar event for a concert ticket you just bought.

The biggest feature is an update to SiriKit. Apple will now allow more developers to access Siri. Task management and note taking are officially supported. So you’ll be able to add task to Todolist or take notes in Evernote all without ever opening the apps.

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