10 Amazing IOS 11 Hidden Features for iPhone Most of them Don’t Know

7. Person to Person Apple Pay

Apple Pay now supports Venmo like, person to person payment. The feature comes integrated in Messages as an iMessage app so you’ll be able to quickly send money to the person you’re talking to. It uses your integrated Credit Card and you authenticate using Touch ID.

When you’re receiving money, it goes directly into your Apple Pay Cash card. This is like your virtual wallet. You can use this money to make purchases, send money to other users or transfer to your bank.

8. Live Photos Editing

Apple is making Live Photos a lot more interesting. You’ll be able to extract a frame from live photo, trim it, mute the audio, loop it or add a bounce effect. The loop effect lets you repeat a live photo, like a GIF. The Bounce effect adds a rivese effect instead.

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