10 Amazing IOS 11 Hidden Features for iPhone Most of them Don’t Know

9. Maps Gets Indoor Mapping

Apple Maps also saw an update today. With Apple adding indoor mapping for 100 Malls all over the world. When navigation, users will also get lane guidance when making turns.

10. Unified Notification Center

While this isn’t the Notification Center overhaul we were looking for, there’s now a unified Notification Center in both the Lock Screen and Home Screen. What this means is you’ll be able to pull missed notifications right in the Lock Screen by swiping down.

Bonus: ARKit and All The APIs

A constant theme in WWDC Keynote was the technologies that went along with the features. The big one is of course Apple’s official entry in the AR race. Apple is doing this by releasing another Kit – ARKit. This will let developers use iPhone’s cameras, processor and motion sensor to create AR experiences.

Apple is also opening up more parts of the app up to developers. With MusicKit for Apple Music, Apple is giving access to Apple Music catalog to third party developers. Vision API does the same for Camera app.

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